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Financing instruments and programs

  The refund on the Vocational Training Tax (V.T.T)


The refund is a partial or total deduction of the amount of V.T.T paid by the enterprise. The deductions are made according to a scale allowing the enterprise to bear at most the expense of the training.


Any enterprise subject to the payment of V.T.T can benefit from this advantage. This instrument is exposed to many adjustments and improvements designed to facilitate the benefit of the enterprise, including in particular:

Reform of the system and simplification of procedures:

Decree n°696 of April 05th, 1993 that prescribes in particular the monthly deductions.  

Review of the scale and conditions of granting the refund:

Decree n°2372 of November 21st, 1994 that introduces particularly the principle of the flat-rate of costs eligible for the refund, the financing of integrated structures of training, as well as the payment of diagnosis of the needs for the training up to 1/5 of the training budget of the enterprise.

- Decree n° 97560 of March 31st, 1997 concerning the payment of expenses relative to the integrated centres.  

- Decree n° 2001/212 of
January 15th, 2001 relative to the payment of the adults learning.  

Nowadays, the management of the V.T.T is decentralized with computer processing of claims for the training approval.

  The new National Continuing Training Program (PRONAFOC): Decree N°1993 of August 27th, 2001


By means of this program, the government pays the costs of the trainings incurred by the enterprises in order to support their potential for skills development of the personnel and to master the modern technologies of production, management and organization. This instrument is used as a complement of the refund of V.T.T. 


   This program targets all private enterprises on the basis of priorities (sectoral, regional or others) which are fixed annually by the Minister of Vocational Training and Employment.

   The DME (Development of Micro-Enterprise) whereof the amount of V.T.T is insufficient to fund the training, micro-enteprises and craft enterprises which are subject to flat trading license have priority access to these benefits.

This program can cover the following activities: 

   The carrying out of diagnosis of the needs for training, 
   The development of training plans, 
   The organisation of actions in intra or interenterprises,
   The evaluation of training outcomes.

The terms and conditions on which the government pays the staff training expenses are fixed by the Decree n°1993 of August 27th, 2001. 

Within the framework of actions in partnership with representative professional organizations, the PRONAFOC allows the realization of all these activities as part of an approach to collective finality. It also allows the organization of training courses regarding the themes common to all sectors, as well as technical themes specific to priority sectors.

  The financing of the training related to technological investments (article 39 of Investment Incentives Code) 


The government’s contribution is to grant financing programs of the training of the personnel of enterprises that carry out technological investments.


Any enterprise working in the following sectors: 


 and carrying out a technological investment that results in: 

   mastering a new technology, 
   developing a technology, 
   an effort of local integration, 
   Improving productivity.

The government’s contribution: 

   The government grants a financial assistance of 50% of the expenses of staff training in the limit of 125.000 Dinars. 

   If the project is particularly important, the government can also grant a complement of 125.000 Dinars.

The terms and conditions on which the government pays of the expenses of staff training relating to technological investments are fixed by the Decree n° 94/540 of March 10th, 1994 modified by the Decree 1992 of August 27th, 2001.
The applications of financing new projects are examined by the a committee having its headquarters at the Agency for the Promotion of Industry (Decree n° 96/38 of January 9th, 1996).

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