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 Develop your project

Setting up your career project is a demanding process, a bit more difficult than to be drifted away or to be just a "mere" job consumer. The career project is the key to success and self-satisfaction.

Setting up your project is an overall approach that reckons a kind of responsibility, autonomy and a balance in personal dedication (family, friends, hobbies...) and professional and extra-professional commitments.

Find out here the main aspects!

        What a career project is not
        What a career project is
        How to set up a project approach? 
        The levels of the career project development
        The formalization of the career project 
        The validation of your project 
        What the project approach brings 
  Contact also our counsellors at the offices of employment and self-employment in order to evaluate the situation and guide you in your process.

  What a career project is not

 A transient appeal without any accurate knowledge of its real assets and its specific objectives
 A simple job search in the literally sense of the term (whatsoever legitimate will be)
 A mercenary expediency (I work where I get better payment)
 An excessive ambition
 Inadequate trial and error (why not this, let’s try that...)

  What a career project is

A genuine career project is a written, plain, specific, detailed and well-argued document and which is validated by one or several persons (see validation).
 A consistent self-knowledge 
 A cognition of your skills and abilities to work them out. 
 A view of what you want to reach in terms of :

courses of action
but also … personal fulfilment 

             A perception if possible of the economic and cultural context as well as of the management 
                that will allow you to express yourself and reach your full potential 


  How to set up a project approach?

 By the development of a personal, professional and interpersonal maturity; for instance, self-confidence, lucidity, ambition as well as modesty.
 By a permanent open-mindedness allowing one to keep up the belief that the world is brimming with opportunities and has no limits!
The term approach is crucial because it shows how much the project is an active document that in enhanced over time by a constant confrontation with its own reality and that of our environment.
It is set up over time, in the course of :
    personal experiences 
    professional career
    social experiences within the framework of extra-professional commitments.


  The levels of career project development

What I can do (acquired techniques and know-how, problems that I can solve, the economic, technical and human challenges that I can deal with, the behaviours I can learn) and also what makes me different from others: "my value-added" 
 In which context I can do it better (line of business, mass and type of enterprise, economic context…) 
 Prioritize those elements on a simple criterion according to my urges (without trying to justify the choice) by marking what I don’t want any longer to do (neither to look for nor o justify) 
 What I can quite do, by distinguishing: 
 What I can do better or learn in the future from the acquired knowledge and specify the way to do that (training, experience, counselling...) 
 What I can never do it well.

 Who I am (qualities, weaknesses, culture, values, facts highlighting my personal history and interests…).
 What I want to become (progress points) and how I can do it.
 What I don’t want to be (the values, flaws, behaviours that are not mine). 

 Skills and know-how
 Line of business
 Type of enterprise: mass, type (enterprise, association, counselling…), culture (domestic, international...), management (interactive, prioritized, organized…)
 Level of responsibility

To be more practical, each section should be completed by a summarizations of predictable developments of the project in order to be able always to question its actual feasibility.

Office of employment and self-employment
 National Centre of Information and Vocational Guidance (ANETI)
 Entrepreuneurial Space (ANETI)
 eSubject matter experts to refer to in order to present your assessment and your project.

  The formalization of the career project

CAUTION ! If this is not done with the support of a professional this kind of project can be hazardous.
It is about a written document, a result of synthesis work in order to highlight elements that are:
 Understandable by another person 
 Meeting a definite objective: captivate those who need you, so that you will not be interested in those you do not want to captivate... 
Two syntheses can be carried out:
  One is complete for yourself 
 The other you can convey outside (for instance, as a complement of your CV after a first interview or during your annual interview if you are in office)

  It consists of five elements

 A title, in one sentence, presents your real contribution. A subtitle that indicates the several relevant sectors, the titles of the considered posts, and the indication of your experience and your availability.
 A summary of this contribution: "what I can offer, what I can do, and essentially why I can do it." In addition to that,the indication of the environment, type of the enteprise (management, culture, mass...) that suits me.
 A summary of professional experiences, references, and notable achievement and initiatives that support this project.
 A summary of the acquired knowledge from your professional experience: " my skills and know-how", "my conducts and behaviours", and "my action verbs".
 A summary of your extra-professional commitments (clubs, associations, movements) and  leisure activities (cinema, reading...) 

For more information,would you please contact our counsellors in the offices of employment and self-employment and in the entrepreuneurial space in order to help and guide you in your approach.

  The validation of your project

Consulting others will help you a lot. If you stick to your own thoughts you will make fatal mistakes !

 a friend

 a collegue
 a professional of recruitment or Human Resources
 a professional of vocational guidance
 a person who do not know you 

how does he or she perceive your project and profile
 what does he or she understand                                                                                                                                   
 what does he or she find interesting, credible and appealing
 what is not interesting, credible and appealing for him or her

    and review again your copy if necessary !

  What the project approach brings

 For young people, it assures good self-knowledge and knowledge about labour market and it facilitates the socio-professional integration.
 For the employee, it helps him to have a balance and keep vagaries against permanent changes. It contributes to the harmony between working life, training, personal growth and openness towards others.
 For the enterprise, it is a source of creativity, liability and autonomy.

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