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Recruitment consulting

This service brings you an assistance that leans on:

  A team of psychologists, specialised in professional selection and recruitment consulting, helps you to: 

Broaden you choice in terms of recruitment and professional selection. 
       Assess your employees using a qualitative analysis of their skills and their personal and professional aptitudes. 
       Support your choices and decisions in terms of human resources management.

  Series of tests  that fit the requirements of proposed posts and are bound to assess the professional skills, aptitudes, knowledge and abilities.

  A psycho-technical test that allows you to assess: 

       If the candidate’s expectation and his pursuant goals are consistent with the objectives of the enterprise and the nature of the considered post. 
       If the candidate has real potential to succeed regarding the requirements of the post.

Why a psycho-technical test?

Search has shown that, among the different used methods, psycho-technical tests meet in a definite and economic way the important knowledge and the aptitudes needed for a job.

 How to carry out?   

  At the level of human resources: 

To provide a psycho-technical action in favour of enterprises, the psychologist or the examiner is the only one who is in charge of the progress of this test at its different levels. 

   His role consists in: 

      Specifying the proposed post 
      Determining the series of tests 
      Arranging the days to take the exam 
      Carrying out the test according to specific instructions 
      Assuring the psychological interview 
      Correcting and construing the results 
      Writing the exam’s reports

  The methodology of the psycho-technical test:

  Stage 1: Post survey

The analysis of the job is carried out by the psychologist and other managers of the enterprise (manager of HR,  officers, technical managers, post occupants) can gather and process the information in order to identify

   The p
   His objective 
   Responsibilities of the holder 
   His relationships with his colleagues 
   Physical work conditions 
   Salary and career development

The job analysis is carried out through various methods including the observation, questionnaire and interview. 

   Stage 2: The use of application questionnaire

The psychologist undertakes an initial assessment of the application through a questionnaire in order to collect as much information as possible about the motivation of the applicant to the proposed post.
The applicant should answer the questionnaire clearly and honestly. Yet the interview can complete or modify these answers. 

   Stage 3: The running of the tests and examinations

Some tests are run free time. Others (particularly aptitude examinations) are kept under limited time (performance measure).
Explanations and "instructions" concerned the different examinations are given generally in a written form.
Some examinations of mental efficiency are common to a series of post, though they do not have the same requirement, they are based on common aptitudes.

  Stage 4: Psychological interview

In a meeting between the psychologist counsellor and the candidate, this interview helps to assess the candidate’s expectations, his attitudes, interests and motivations.
The interview is not a questionnaire but it is rather a meeting that encourages exchanges between the psychologist and the candidate in a kind of short time:

Express what is relevant to each one of them in a given situation particularly regarding the objective of decision. 
   Get the bearings i.e. take into account and assess the different elements of the application appearing in the tests or even during the interview. 
   Decide in relation to the post by clarifying the reasons behind such decision. 
   Consider other ways if necessary

All these techniques used during the psycho-technical test of selection lead to the drawing up of a skill assessment and to compare it to the post profile already made by the counsellor. 

   Stage 5: Drawing up of a report

Finally, the psychologist writes down a final report in a form of detailed confidential account. The final appreciation is resulted from the summarization of information collected from tests and the interview.

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