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Assessment Skills

You would like to organize the career development of your employees in order to achieve promptly your professional objectives.

In order to meet the progression and the transformation of your enterprise, we create for you an analysis of skills and occupations so as to introduce a system of Provisional Management of Jobs and Skills.

The Assessment Skills helps you in your approach.



               It presents a global view of your occupations and skills framework (list of occupations, definition of acquired skills). 
               It describes the impact of the progression factors on the implementation of skills. 
               It allows you to update the skills to jobs and process. 
               It enables the access to employees’ data about the progression of jobs and skills content. 
               Evaluate the situation of your employees’ careers. 
               The employee’s entire personality is taken into account such as motivations, interests... 
               The whole of his resources is appraised such as skills, knowledge, aptitudes and potentials... 


The commitment to the assessment skills

  The psychologist counsellor is involved to: 
               Organize the various stages of the assessment. 
               Conduct interviews and carry out investigative work in order to highlight the skills, aptitudes and potentials of the employee. 
               Present the results of different stages to the enterprise in oral form then in a written form at the time of summarization. 
               Respect the privacy of assessment results. 

The enterprise is involved to: 
               Facilitate the psychologist counsellor’s task in searching information about job posts and the overall atmosphere in the enterprise. 
               Allow him the carrying out of his interviews, the observation of the posts and the use of personality questionnaires with the employees. 

The employee is involved to: 
               Contribute actively to all stages of his assessment. 
               Indicate his professional career’s stages as well as the information required to his assessment.


Development of assessment skills

The assessment skills, according to ANETI’s definition, is set in three stages: 

Preliminary stage aims to: 
              Confirm the commitment of the employee in his approach. 
              Define and analyse the nature of his needs. 
              Notify the conditions of assessment skills’ development as well as the techniques and the methods used. 

Investigative stage allows the employee to: 
Analyse his motivation and his personal and professional interests. 
              Identify his skills and his personal and professional aptitudes and if necessary assess his overall knowledge. 
              Determine the possibilities of career advancement. 

Closing stage allows the employee to: 
Take into account the detailed results of the investigative stage. 
              Count liable factors to promote the realization of the career project and if necessary training project. 
              Anticipate the main steps of the implementation of the project.

                  This closing stage ends in presenting a document of synthesis to the enterprise. 

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