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The recruitment

The ANETI intervenes in all activity sectors and at every level of recruitment.

Our service which is in charge of counselling recruitment takes care of the whole action of recruitment:

          The other employees

After a detailed study of the position to fill, realized within the enterprise, the counsellors of this service define the profiles of the candidates and proceed then to the following services:

   The examination of the application files  
   The hosting of the future candidates 
   The tests of evaluation of their potential, their aspiration, their capacity of adaptation for the enterprise and for the post in which they will have to integrate.

During the whole action of recruitment, the psychologist counsellor in charge of the file informs you and conveys to you the confidential files of the candidates corresponding to the profile in question.

The getting in touch of the candidates with the enterprise can be possibly organized by the same service.

The counsellor in charge of the file stays at the disposal of the company to direct it in its definitive choice and to follow the integration of the new collaborator.

  Methodology :

Coverage of the totality of " the recruitment action " by a psychologist counsellor from the Agency:

    Search of the candidates
    Reception and sorting out the files of candidacy.
    Convening potential candidates
    Examination of half-day by candidate, including:

             Introducing the enterprise and the vacant position.
             The CV analysis .
             The personality test and/or mental efficiency.
             Maintenance synthesis which allows identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

The counsellor in charge of the file holds you informed about the progress of the recruitment and conveys to you the confidential files of the selected candidates, including : 

            A presentation of the candidate
            A form of adequacy to the post
           A form of personality’s profile   
           A professional behavioral analysis
           The conclusion

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