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 Staff appraisal

ANETI carries out the appraisal of your employees using a qualitative analysis of your human resources.

The optimisation of your human resources requires a regular appraisal of its potentials.

  The approach "Appraisal" meets three objectives:

  Analyse a set of personal behaviours vis-Ó-vis employment. 
  Measure with objectivity your technical and human potentials in order to better control the staff mobility (re-conversion, professional promotion...). 
  Make the employees ready to participate actively in the management of their career project.

ANETI helps you in this optimization for the realization of personal appraisals.

After identifying the posts that match your application, we establish a personalized appraisal tool.


A half-day of interference including the following steps

Introduction of the development of appraisal to the candidates

Measure at a general level: 
        Examples : 
      Editorial quality
      Logical reasoning 
      Understanding and oral fluency
      Intellectual alterness

Measure specific aptitudes to employment: 
        Examples : 
      Focused attention 
      Practical quality
      Technical quality
      Visual abilities (perception / differentiation)

Behavioural analysis: 
 Taking a personality test

                 Measure personal fulfilment: 
With the assistance of an interview, we can determine with the individual the progress to be made personally and professionally and particularly: 
     his good and bad experiences
     his motivations at work
     his ambition in mid or long term

                Personality test analysis

                Restoration of the results of various tests

The psychologist in charge of appraisals will convey to you  the confidential files including: 

    A synopsis of results
    An assessment of personal and professional fulfilment
    A professional behavioural synthesis.

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