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Knowing all about exportation

The Exports Promotion Center is a public establishment acting under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade. It has as first mission to support the Tunisian exporters and the foreign operators at all the stages of commercial transactions by supplying them with a multitude of personalized performances.

  The Tunisian Export Exchange 

Situated at the heart of the north urban area of Tunis, rapidly growing business district, the The Tunisian Export Exchange aims at proposing a towards unique of  first level, represented by a first contact service " the commercial unique Counter".

It consists of representatives of the COTUNACE, the BCT, the CUSTOMS, the CCI of Tunis, the UBCI, the TTN and the CEPEX which proposes for them a supported service and of express assistance privileging fast solutions to the situations of blocking  Import or Export .It is also charged with the direction of the exporters in the various administrative procedures.

  Tunis Trade Point

Tunis Trade Point adhered to the network of the commercial poles, introduced by CNUCED on July 9th, 1993. At present, It is a part of a network of more than 120 trade points in more than 90 countries in the world.

It has as objective the assistance of small and average enterprises (SAE) to raise electronic trade profit and the promotion of exportation of goods and services of small and average enterprises.




                                                                                 Source : the Web site of  Promotion  Exportations center Tunisia (CEPEX)

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