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Continuous training

The continuous training contributes to keep up the competitiveness of the enterprise, the maintaining and the development of skills, and the access to different levels of professional qualifications. It also leads to economic and cultural development and to social promotion of employees. It is an important strategy for the individual and the enterprise as it opens up new horizons.

The National Center of Continuous Training and Vocational Promotion (CNFCPP) allows you to reach these objectives. It aims to:

 Assist the economic enterprises in the development and the carrying out of their training plans. 

 Develop the culture of continuous training within the individuals and the enterprises

 Manage the programs and the financing instruments of the continuous training

 Conceive and generalize the approaches and the methodologies appropriate to these domains

 Foster vocational promotion by improving the level of competency of the personnel acting in the various economic sectors

 Provide assistance to the private sector of research, consultancy and continuous training

 Develop the partnership with organizations, associations, structures and professional federations in the field of the continuous training

The services of the National Center of the Continuous Training and the Vocational Promotion intended for enterprises  appear in the form of programs and financing instruments.  

This center allows the employees to acquire additional knowledge, qualifications, graduation, or enhance their professional experience by means of training within the institutes of high promotion of Labour (IPST) through night courses and E-training.

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