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The international cooperation :

Why ?

For :

 An exchange of experiences and a development of  partnership ;
 An opening to other experiences and approaches ;
 A location of the good practices connected to the animation of the labour market and to the new business start-up ;
 A development of the staff skills ;
 A support and assistance.

 How ?

By the organization : 

 Of training seminars and workshops in Tunisia for the benefit of the  ANETI staff with the support of international experts ;
 Of visits of studies in the foreign partner institutions ;
 By the support and  assistance to the  Foreign Employment Public Services ;

 The ANETI expertise :

 In which domains ?

The ANETI brings its support in many domains as : 

 The promotion of micro-enterprise and the encouragement of entrepreneurship spirit;
 The support for job seekers in difficulty of integration;
 The methods and techniques of guidance and accompaniment;
 The recruitment consulting for the benefit of businesses and psychometry;
 The promotion of paid and self- employment and the analysis of the labour market data;
 The quality approach in the Public Employment Services;
 Information and communication in the Public Employment Services.

 Areas of cooperation proposed for 2007-2008

 Tunisian-French cooperation:

 Developing practices for planning, management and monitoring in international cooperation ;
 Method of recruitment by simulation ;
 The promotion of the Employment of disabled people;
 Development and improvement of the capacity of the ANETI in data analysis of the labour market ;
 Support for job seekers in difficulty of integration "Sponsorship" ;
Promotion of the employment  of the graduates;
 Development of the services at distance in the ANETI ;
 Promotion of the Micro-enterprise and the accompaniment of the promoters ;
 Development of the methods of the vocational guidance;
 Updating of the dictionary of the occupations and  jobs : operational tool for the management of the labour market.

 Tunisian-Swedish cooperation :

 Identification and elaboration of the professional projects.
 Improvement of control systems of quality management of the ANETI.
 Development and improvement of the capacity of the ANETI in data analysis of the job market.
 Promotion of the employment of the disabled people.
 Development of the "international cooperation" in the ANETI.
 Transparency, fairness and equal opportunities in the labour market.

 Tunisian-Spanish cooperation :  

  Support for the strengthening of the capacity of the National Agency for Employment and Self-Employment for improving the opportunities for higher education graduates.
 Support for the creation of a specialized BETI for people with special needs.

 Cooperation with the CIF of the OIT in Italy:  

 Gender and development: concepts and tools for the integration of a gender perspective in development actions.
 Information and analysis of data of the labour market.

 Cooperation with the International Office of Employment (BIT) :  

 Promotion of local employment initiatives in Tunisia.
 Role of the offices of employment and self-employment in bringing services near to users and the development of treatment through sponsorship.
 The role of public employment services in the opening to the economy and to private employment offices.
 Information System on the labour market, treatment of supply and demand and improving the employability.
 Improvement of services provided by the ANETI.
 Influence of globalization and partnership in the Arab labour markets.

 Cooperation with the European Union : 

 Modernization of the Tunisian Public Service of Employment (twinning instrument).

 Cooperation with the WAPES (World Association of Public Employment Services) :

 Participation in conferences and workshops organized by WAPES in different countries.

 ANETI expertise:

The skills of the ANETI have been called upon to lead training sessions and workshops of international naturer (Technical assistance provided by the Agency for the development of employment services in Bahrain, Oman, Algeria, Jordan and Syria).

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