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  What is a vocational guidance?

 The vocational guidance allows each one to choose the career path that matches his interests and abilities. 

 The vocational guidance is an approach that is enrolled in time. It is punctuated by fruitful interviews, the discovery of oneself and the momentum outwards.
This approach helps you to conceive in a thoughtful way, concerning the availability of employment and the opportunities of integration into working life, a career project that meets your motivations, interests, abilities and skills.

 The vocational guidance helps young people as well as adults through collective or distinctive information, advice or individual consulting.

  Guide who?

 The vocational guidance helps to make the right choice and make the right decision at the right time. It is aimed at: 

 Anyone who yearns for a change or career advancement and who cannot make the appropriate decisions on his own.  
 Young people in a situation of choice of career.
 Adults seeking jobs or trainings. 
 People who consider other career paths. 

 The vocational guidance affects all of us. We do no longer choose a job for the whole life since we and the world change.


Guide how?

  A personalized assistance in searching information:

   The counsellor gives an update on the information you lack
    He gives you additional and useful information
    He finds the priorities for the achievement of certain approaches
    He broadens your job and training proposal and any question about your future career. 

  Assistance for a project development:

  In order to develop your career project, the counsellor helps you to discover and reveal your personal motivations, your potentials and your skills.
  He assists you in the development of the project that matches you, taking into consideration the socio-economic context and determining the necessary means for its realization. 
  He assesses with you the consistency of your project, taking into account your abilities and your motivations and makes arrangements in order to give the project high chances of success.

This whole approach will help you clarify your career project and overcome the difficulties and the failures you could have.

    A follow up and psychological support:

The guidance counsellor helps you overcome the difficulties hindering at the time of the choice of a vocational guidance through:
 Deep interviews to define your aspirations, your preference and your orientation aiming at activating your motivation or helping you psychologically in order to be able to overcome the career difficulties.
 A standardized aptitude examination which is used to reveal the psychological profile and analyze the inherent obstacles that  may have an undesirable effect on your working life.


Guide through:

    A warm welcome, open and committed attitude and an ability to fit the initial vocational reactions to each individual.

    A self-service providing reliable and updated information that will help the user to better research the labour market, the national system of vocational training and incentive programs for employment and self-employment.

A favourable climate to the sequence of exchange that will help the user to express himself, to commit himself in a genuine job that allows him to better know himself, and to convey his training, experiences, tastes, skills and values in work.

     Workshops to stimulate your job search, prepare you interview and enhance your application;

Contact the  office of employment and self-employment of your region and enquire for the schedule of the next workshops of TRE. Register

   A fruitful individual interview that helps the user to take in charge and better define his professional career. During this interview, the most suitable benefits will be defined and implemented by a mutual agreement.

    Collective information séances on the labour market, occupations, training opportunities and self-employment...  

Contact the  office of employment and self-employment of your region and enquire for the schedule of the next information séances. Register

    The  skills assessment in order to help you to retrieve your self-confidence, assess your general and professional knowledge, your know-how and skills, and reveal the undeveloped resources and potentials to find the career path  assuring a successful vocational integration.

All these benefits have one goal: it is to identify your interest and talents with regard to the various domains of activity in order to facilitate you vocational integration
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