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Tunisia in brief

           General panorama : ·  


Geographical data 






Economic data

          Position :

Tunisia is situated at the connection of the oriental and occidental basins of the mediterranean, There , the strait of Sicily separates it 140 km from   Europe…more

          History :

A country of old civilization, a melting pot of the east and  west, its strategic position in the Mediterranean placed it at the heart of history. Real crossroads of brilliant and diversified civilizations, the country was successively Punic, Roman, vandal, Byzantine, arabo - muslim, Ottoman, husseinite and under french protectorate before obtaining its independence in 1956...more

          Political life :

Since its independence, in 1956, Tunisia has known a long and profound political change. Fundamental reforms were introduced since 1987 to promote the democratic process and dedicate the State of Law and Institutions... more

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