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 Investment opportunities

   Project form

This heading represents the results of a study realized to show the competitive position of Tunisia (the best global profitableness and competitive exploitation costs) for thirty projects of  investment types in six activity sectors (Agrofood, textile, packaging, electric and electronic components, automobile components, computer services)      





              Automobile components

              Computer services


The new privatization program is concerned with public or of public participation enterprises operating in the sectors of industry, services, finances, habitation equipments, tourism, commerce, health and agriculture.This program was engaged following a series of technical studies in order to guarantee a high degree of efficiency to it.
          Automotive industries 
          Mechanical industries 


The concessions, that is to say management mode of infrastructures and public services are recently used in Tunisia. A concept introduced under the frame of reforms and liberalzation of the economy, it aims especially to :

          Improve the efficiency and competitiveness,
          Improve the quality of public services
          Acquire modern technologies and management modes,
          Master production costs and functioning expenses.

         Opportunities to grasp :








                                                                                    Sources : FIPA and the privatization in Tunisia sites

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