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A competitive and open abroad economy


          Access to markets

Tunisia is a privileged partner of the European Union. Its geographic proximity to Europe is also an advantage for Tunisia. The relationship is a close one economically, culturally and socially.


Investment is free for nationals and foreigners in the majority of activity sectors…


Tunisia has always been distinguished by its maintained growth. The average rate of growth is either 5 ℅ a year for constant prices, or five times that of demographic increase...


According to the last report about 2006-2007 global competitiveness elaborated by the World Economic Forum of Davos, Tunisia is the 30th country among 125 developed countries emerging in terms of global competitiveness and the 26th  in business competitiveness...  


The distinction of Tunisia by international notation agencies confirms the capital confidence which countries near the international financial community enjoy...       

             Attractiveness for FDI                   

The Foreign Direct Investments, FDI, registered an Important  evolution. They represented 12 ℅ of productive investments, produced the 1/3 of exportations and the 1/6 of the total jobs...    

                                                       Source : FIPA Tunisia

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