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Safety examination


It contributes to the detection of individuals at risk in preventing accidents related to  
   driving vehicles, construction equipments... 
   sensitive job postions 


   Train drivers 
   Drivers of vehicles (heavy truck, articulated lorry, public transport...)
   Car drivers 
   Drivers of construction equipments 
   Drivers of self-propelled trolley 
   Drivers and operators of machines 
   Mechanical occupations
   The occupations requiring motor coordination, care and caution 
   Job positions implying precision in handling complex mechanisms


The psychological examination is flexible according to the nature of the request.

It includes at least:
   A psycho- technical examination: reasoning tests and psychomotor tests (coordination, psychomotor reactions…) 
   A personal interview with the candidate.

Moreover a technical act consisting of reasoning tests can be added. 


The Direction of information and Vocational Guidance

   Phone: 71 335 928 The offices of employment and self-employment

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