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What are the different types of psycho-technical tests that are used by ANETI ?

   General Intelligence tests 

These tests measure the general cognitive aptitudes, the ability of analysis and synthesis and the adaptability.

  Intellectual aptitude tests 

They study factors such as verbal reasoning, creativity, memory, numerical aptitudes, spatial aptitudes, attention capacity and perception...

  Personality tests 

Personality tests evaluate aspects such as anxiety, self-control, independence, emotions, aggressiveness, how dynamic the candidate is, their influence over others (power of persuasion), priorities and motivations, etc.

  Psychomotor tests 

They are individual exams using a device.  They assess aim, arm-hand steadiness, control precision, finger dexterity, manual dexterity, multilimb coordination, rate control, reaction time, response orientation, speed of arm movement, and wrist-finger speed. They are used to evaluate the aptitudes required for the security posts and measure the level of dexterity a particular applicant possesses.

  Knowledge tests 

Language tests, calculation, mathematics, professional examinations.

  Skills tests

They assess the technical skills. Tests’ form depends on the proposed post. Generally, it is about a simulation exercise.

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