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Arrangements for disabled people

At equal skills, why do you deprive your enterprise from an effective disabled employee?
You are a head of an enterprise.

You would like to recruit a new employee.

 Have you ever thought about hiring a disabled person who can be as effective and motivated as any other employee?

A disability is not necessarily serious, heavy or difficult to manage. What is important is how to select the person according to the job to occupy. With the assistance and the support of the ANETI, feel free to participate in this program. The enterprise that grows is the one which knows how to change its habits. We have all to gain from it!

 Advantages :

If you carry out the recruitment of a disabled person, you will be exempted from the payment of:

 The totality of the employers’ welfare costs for every employee holding the priority disabled card with a companion;

 2/3 of the employers’ welfare costs for every employee holding the priority disabled card;

 Half of the employers’ welfare costs for every employee holding a simple disabled card. 

The welfare costs referred to are the employers’ contributions in the legal scheme of the Social Security, the tax on the vocational training and the contribution to the FOPROLOS.

 Employment obligation:

Any private or public enterprise subject to the labor code and normally employing at least 100 employees is required to book 1% of its job posts to disabled people fitted with disabled card with accordance to the relevant regulations or agreement.

 Legal framework:

Article 15-5 of the Law N°. 81-46 dated 29 May 1981 added by the Law N°. 89-52 dated 14 March 1989.

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