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 The Vocational Guidance

 Objective of vocational guidance

"The vocational guidance aims to help young people and adults of both gender, through an individual or collective information and advice or individual consulting, choose in a thoughtful way - by acknowledging the job opportunities and the integration in the working life - a profession that conforms to their motivations, skills, interests as well as the corresponding training fields." 

Article 11 of the Law n░ 93-10 of 17/2/1993,
Law on guidance and vocational training

  What for?

The office of employment and self-employment has a particular service in accompaniment and guidance called "information and vocational guidance unit" which is charge of: 

  the reception, information and guidance of people;

  the construction and the validation of a career project that meets the needs of skills development of the person;

  for the enterprises, to get the suitable answers for the need of recruitments, thanks to the know-how of the counsellors of employment;

  to define the levels of vocational integration that boost the access opportunities or the return to employment;

  to accompany the jobseeker until his professional integration and help him in the necessary steps.


  To guide who?

Guidance counsellors:
 intervene in vocational guidance counselling  given to jobseekers, training seekers and redundant workers  

 make the diagnosis of the needs and carry out the appraisal to construct and validate the schemes of vocational integration. 

 provide a psychological support to seekers who have difficulties and accompaniment towards employment

 respond to the requests of counselling in human resources  (skills assessment, recruitments, safety examinations, ...) to the request of the enterprises.  

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