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Who are we?

The Agency for employment and self-employment is a public establishment with no administrative character endowed with the civil personality and with the administrative and financial autonomy. It was created by virtue of the law N 93-11 of 17/02/93 and is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment

 Our missions

It has as a main mission the implementation of the policy of the government relative to the promotion of the employment and is notably in charge of :

 Animating the job market, at national, regional, local and sectoral level through the network of offices of employment and self-employment

 Developing the information on employment and professional qualifications in the direction of businesses and job seekers·

 The implementation of  the programs of promotion of  employment and the integration of young people, the realization of which is entrusted to them by the regulatory authority

 Bringing the support necessary for the promotion of small firms and self-employment

 Ensuring the information and vocational guidance of the job-seekers with the aim of their integration in the active life       

  Organizing and conducting investment transactions of the tunisian workforce abroad

  Facilitating the reintegration of the immigrant workers into the national economy after their final return

· Taking care of the workers dismissed for economic and technical reasons and of the public with specific needs

 Our services address essentially :       

  To people looking for a job

  To the carriers of projects trying to settle down in their own account

  To companies trying to satisfy their needs in human resources

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