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ANETI, Agence Nationale pour L'emploi Et le travail indépendant
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Sites on employment and the RH
National Statistics Institute

All the statistical data in the economic and social domains of Tunisia... 

For the handicaped
The Institute of the Promotion of the Handicapped

In its site, the Institute of the Promotion of the Handicapped  informs you about its main missions, about the university training of the specialized educational staff and the continuing training or the recycling of the staff in exercise in the structures of coverage of the persons at specific needs, which it assures. You will also find information on both experimental units of rehabilitation of the handicapped  which this institute has disposed.. Finally you will have an idea on the legislation in Tunisia in favour of the handicapped , on the NGO working in the field of the handicapped as well as the public Centers for handicapped .

The national organisms
Tunis Africa Press Agency


The TAP agency gives news, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, national current events in the diverse domains. These news are diffused in three languages(arabic, french and english).
For the international current events, the TAP agency exploits, exclusively and in relay, the foreign services of three world news agencies: AFP, Reuters and Associated Press, as well as those of about forty foreign national agencies among which agencies from the Maghreb , arabic and mediterranean agencies.

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